Colombia Real Estate and Security.

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“Times have changed.”

Once of the questions that I keep getting asked over and over in emails from potential investors and people generally interested in Colombia is, ‘Is Colombia really safe?’ My answer is always Yes, yet many (mostly those who have never been to Colombia) remain skeptical. I came across an interesting report from the U.S. State Department a few days ago that I thought might add some credibility to my claim that Colombia is indeed a safe country. Read more…

Colombia Business Environment: More Positive News

A recently released report from the World Bank’s Doing Business Project, lists Colombia as one of the World’s Top 10 Reformers. Every year, the World Bank releases it’s report to show potential business investors the World’s best countries for doing business. Only two countries in the World, Colombia and Egypt, have been top global reformers for four out of the last five years. Read more…

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Why invest in Colombia?

The Colombian government has launched a series of ambitious public relations campaigns aimed not only at promoting tourism, but business investment as well. For the promotion of business investment in Colombia, the central government in Bogota has created an Investment Portal Website, highlighting the many reasons why individuals and corporations should consider investing in Colombia. Read more…

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Obama’s Stimulus and Colombia Real Estate

The future of the U.S. Dollar and Colombia Real Estate.

In my last post I talked about and gave an example of the important role that the exchange rate plays in investing in Colombia real estate. Since the March 5, 2009 COP/USD high of 2,611 to 1, the rate has fallen sharply. Does this mean that now is not the time to buy Colombia real estate? Read more…

Exchange rates and Colombia Real Estate

How the exchange rate effects your Colombia real estate investment.

As the world economy was on the brink of collapse earlier this year, many world governments and large institutional investors sold off their investments in equitities and other high risk financial instruments and flocked to what was at the time the world’s safest investment, U.S. Goverment-backed Treasury bonds. As more money flowed out of the world’s stock markets and into these bonds, the strength of the U.S. dollar climed to 5-year highs versus many of the world’s currencies. For example, on March 5, 2009 the exchange rate between the Colombian Peso and the U.S. Dollar was 2,611 to 1.  Read more…

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New U.S. Military Bases in Colombia?

Ever since the announcement of the Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) between the United States and Colombia last month, rumors have been flying about the details of the pact and what effect it will have on U.S. – South American relations. The pact has been widely criticized by leftist leaders (President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela) and liberal intelectuals around the world. I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions here and tie in what this all means for potential Colombia real estate investors or retirees looking for an apartment or house in Colombia. Read more…

Colombia – Land of Flowers?

Nation branding and your Colombia real estate investment.

I love Colombia.  And so do thousands of other foreign retirees, investors and multi-national corporations that have chosen to call this beautiful country home. Colombia has been blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, rain forests and snow-capped peaks. Colombia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and friendly people and it’s cities and cultural centers rival any country in Latin America. Yet the number of tourists with no family connection to Colombia remains extremely low.  Read more…


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